Saturday, February 16, 2008

Petey's Best Day Ever

Today was the Best Day Ever for Petey, our cat. He got to "help" me clean the fish tank today. Ever since he was a kitten, he loved watching the fish. He especially likes the slow moving fluffy fish.

Griffin, our Betta and only named fish in the house, hangs out in the 10 gallon tank in Steph's bedroom upstairs. It's there that Petey undertakes his favourite activity - watching kitty interactive TV, a Kitty Reality Show of sorts. Griffin entertains Petey every day, fluffing out his fins, and coming nose to nose with with the cat.

Petey sees him as a dinner possibility. Griffin hasn't a clue... and I'm sure doesn't care.

So today, I undertook the job of cleaning our bigger 30 gallon tank - the one with the Angels, Gouramis, Rasboras, Zebras. Petey was sure this was a show I was putting on just for him.

You see, I had been a Bad Fish Owner, and hadn't cleaned the tank in a while... it was so bad I had to remove them in their little baggies, and they had to "visit" Griffin in their baggies.

Petey was very intrigued by this process, as I transferred the fish to their temporary homes. Nudge... nudge... fish in a baggie definitely had some shake 'n' bake possibilities to Petey.

Now everyone is in their rightful place. No casualties, and no fish snacks.

And now I promise to be a Good Fish Owner, and resolve to clean their tanks more often.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens