Monday, February 11, 2008

Penny At-A-Glance

This morning started off kind of rough. Penny, our youngest dog, now 2-1/2, has issues - many of them - and after a restless night, throwing up, now she' has some symptoms of her pancreatitis flaring up. Hopefully nothing more than a bit of doggie flu (I'm hopeful!) In a few minutes, we'll be on her way to the vet. She has a rather long story, and I'll go into more when I have more time, in an up-and-coming post.

A little about yesterday first, to let you see a little bit into Penny's life.

Yesterday morning there was a breach of doggie etiquette. Keeta, our Guide Dog, Herder of All, Protector, Penny's Adopted Mommy Dog had to protect us from Intruder Dog.

Intruder Dog decided to visit at the fence between the houses, and was told in no uncertain terms, "GET AWAY FROM MY FENCE" with lots of Big Noise and Bravado. But in addition to all her jobs, one should not underestimate her Enforcer role. And apparently this dog breached Keeta's rules about visiting Keeta's fence.

And right behind her was Penny - Keeta's "baby" and protege. Right after the Intruder Dog was collected by his owner, there was Penny, taking "control" of the situation, "Bark bark bark" (a WOOF would be too big a sound to describe Penny). And there she was, front and centre, dog and owner long gone... bark bark bark. Also, in her enthusiasm, she'll even reach the point of squeaking out her barks, almost losing her voice - which sounds kinda funny coming from a 30 pound dog!

More on Penny in a coming installment of Furballs in My Life. She's had a rough start in life, but she's sweet, and she's ours.
Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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