Sunday, February 3, 2008

Canadians not allowed

I'm going to start off on top of a soap box ... I have recently become a Grey's Anatomy junkie. Yes, maybe I'm a little behind the times here... but I've seriously been catching up. I've been dutifully dropping into the local video store... and now that I'm almost caught up, only to catch up on this season... not yet available in the trusted video store.

Wait?! You might suggest at this point, what's the problem?! It's online!

Well, apparently not to Canadians. Not that I can find.

Even the new eps at ABC are restricted to millions of people in the U.S., anybody at all with a computer, but not to a Canadian... why? Licensing.

Now, we can watch this on TV, PVR it, rent it, we can see it on satellite TV, cable TV, and even good old fashioned over air via Bush TV (well, I can't, but others could). But should you need to find something that might be a little older? Forget it.

Anyway, I visited ABC, was told that I could download the player, and even got to see a commercial. But then blackness, and the dreaded...

"Only viewers in the United States can watch these full-length episodes."

It's licensing. A well known and long time problem, that has still not been resolved by the powers that be. Although they'd be happy to sell me Season 4 ... when it becomes available.

Addiction sucks. And they wonder why people try to access things illegally? (not that I'd do that, of course... well, maybe...)

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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