Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the Doghouse

Keeta isn't talking to me anymore. I'm in the bad doggie books. I'm a bad dog person. A horrible dog owner. I've created the cardinal sin of taking away her puppy and "forgetting" to bring her back.

It's official now. Penny has been hospitalized with pancreatitis. I felt so bad when I dropped her off at the vet this morning. You just can't look back. Derek, our wonderful vet, was encouraging her to come with him... I could see him just before I drove away. Penny was digging in all four of her heels, as if to say, "I'm not supposed to go with you... I need to go with her". But I was already gone, so with a little encouragement, she trotted on through the doors into the back with Derek. He's so good with her.

So today she was on IV fluids, and an IV antacid, off all food and water for a couple of days. Kristin, Derek's assistant, said she was doing really well, and even a little too energetic when she took her out to do her business (which apparently she opted out of doing any business, but she did take the opportunity to have some fun).

In so many ways Penny surprises me. She is so afraid of so much. But she takes this in stride.

The last time Penny had pancreatitis, she was quite seriously ill... but got through it. And since then, has been on a special diet, even limiting her toys - we are ever careful about her condition flaring up. Her only "treats" are her regular kibble that I play the game, "Rain of Cookies" - throwing it up into the air for her to catch and eat up as quickly as possible, whenever we leave the house without her. She's none the wiser and is okay with that. A little extra attention goes a long way.

Because of Penny's special rules, Keeta doesn't get any special things either. She does not miss the toys - she never really got the toy concept except to tease Penny with them - but she doesn't get special cookies, except when she gets to go to Petsmart with us. Such is the way life is around here.

This morning, Keeta knew something was different. Normally when I take Penny out front, Keeta whines and cries because she doesn't get to go first. But she saw me load our Pen into the car, and take her away. So naturally, when I came home, she fully expected me to bring Penny in with me. And I didn't. So she checked the front door... the front window... back to the front door. Obviously I had forgotten something... someone... perhaps I might consider going back out to get that something I forgot?!!

As I said, as it stands now, she's not talking to me. Yes, she accepted a scritch around the ears, a cookie, which around here is a major treat, and something that only happens when Penny isn't around to witness it.

I can't wait for our Penny to come home, and for life to return to normal.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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