Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't Look Into the Sun

It's our 2nd anniversary today, so I'll entertain you with a few blind stories, and be on my way to do whatever it is one does on such a day.

The Blind Leading The Blind

One day during rush hour, George Shearing (who had been blind since birth) found himself at a busy Manhattan intersection, waiting for someone to help him across the street.

After waiting for some time, he was finally tapped on the shoulder. It was another blind man, seeking similar assistance. What did Shearing do?

"What could I do?" Shearing later laughed. "I took him across - and it was the biggest thrill of my life!"

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

When Peter Falk was only 3 years old, his right eye was removed when a malignancy was found, and he was fitted with a prosthetic eye. Despite his lack of sight in that eye, he excelled at sports, especially basketball and baseball, and it became the source of much amusement.

During one Little League game, Falk was called out by the umpire at third base. Falk, sure that he had been safe, angrily pulled his eye out and handed it to the umpire. "Here," he declared. "I think you might need this!"

What Is Your Handicap Anyway?

Asked abou his golf handicap, Sammy Davis, Jr replied, "My handicap?" he replied. "Man, I am a one-eyed, black Jew! That's my handicap!"

Wonder What Bush Was Thinking?

In March 2002, Stevie Wonder performed at a Presidential Gala at Washington's Ford Theatre. Among those in attendance was Anne Robinson, host of TV game show "The Weakest Link". She later recalled, "I saw George W. Bush actually waving at Stevie Wonder. Someone had to tell him, 'He can't see you!'"

What more can one say?

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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