Cast of Furball Characters 

Jamie (@JamieWritesStuf)
Chief Blogger and heart and soul of Flying Furballs, living in Canada with my husband, daughter, and a whole bunch of real life Furballs. I commute 4 hours a day(!!) to get to and from work in the big city, but live in a small town north of Toronto. I also built a Little Free Library right out on our front lawn for neighbours to visit, who can 'borrow' a book, or just leave a book. All that and I live with Type 1 diabetes. A lot going on there. I blog when I can :)

Larry (@MainDog101 aka @MainDogGold)
Larry wears many hats around here. My husband, a DJ at heart, who launched a most awesome online oldies radio station called Maindog Gold (check it out, it's pretty good ;). He is Type A (as in "Type Awesome"), supporting me in my challenges living with Type 1 diabetes, and Household Manager. He gets around with his most awesome guide dog, all the while negotiating a world riddled with accessibility challenges.

My 24-year-old daughter and step-daughter to Larry. She is making her way in the world, but very well understands the challenges living with a PWD (Person With Diabetes).

You can call her "Queen Keeta" or just simply, "The Best Guide Dog Ever", unless there is a thunderstorm or heavy bass coming through the subwoofer - in those cases, you're on your own! She's enjoying her semi-retirement these days, but still keeps us in line.

Our Sheltie Beagle cross, and is our "Special One". She quivers and shakes with excitement when I come in the door, and equally quivers and shakes with fear when sausages are being fried. However, if one were offered to her on a platter, she'd happily devour it for you, and wag her little tail off while doing so.

The "Optimist" of our household, and the kindest kitty. He is absolutely sure you love him, and would love you to snuggle with him. He is certain he is the best laptop ever, and makes the best of a squishy situation when there's not enough room on the lap of Yours Truly while she is blogging.

Forever and always the "Cautious One".. once all has been deemed safe, you are allowed to pet her. She insists. On her terms. "Scratch me... Now!", and "No, do it THIS way!". She does not mince her meows.

She is our newest addition to our family, and is the "Wild Child". She had an icy start to her life, being true to her namesake. She was found as a 3-month old kitten outside living with a cat colony in Toronto, just after all of the ice storms hit the area in the winter of 2013-14. She has a personality that no one can resist, and makes sure that you know where her favourite wire toy is, because playing is the name of her game.

Rocky (March 1, 2013 - May 7, 2014)
He was our alpha cat and our "Rainman" kitty. He had the most touchable fur around and hated to be touched, unless it suited him. He had rules that had to be followed, and loved launching plastic fruit right out of the fruit bowl when he wanted attention. He was a kitty with a BIG personality.

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