Friday, April 27, 2012

InkStain'D Out: The Real People Sick Edition

Why do I call this the Real People Sick Edition? Well, this was a sick day for me because I was Real People Sick. Now, you might wonder what that is, but there's times when I feel sick because of diabetes - too high, too low, things just being "off". But over the last few days, I've been leading up to a kick*ss hacking cold - in the diabetes community known as Real People Sick.

Now, if one is commuting long distances - on a cramped train - those who cough get the withering stares evil eye from their fellow commuters. So to avoid the curse that they would bestow upon me, I stayed home to recuperate, and well, here's the RPS edition.

This edition features lots of blog posts from our DOC (Diabetes Online Community), and as it turns out, I must have been hungry, because there are lots of food-related posts, including a DIY recipe for Larabars. I've never seen them here in Canada, but I've heard they are delicious, and this recipe looks like something I might even try. Maybe I should call it the Foodie Edition. Anyway, some feature blogs and articles:

  • News Alerts: Kayla's Life Notes
  • Meggins and Patterns: Texting My Pancreas
  • Rage-Bolusing Cause and Effect: The Diabetic's Corner Booth
  • Neuropathy from Diabetes
  • New Data Mining Eatery App and What It Teaches Us About Our Diet
  • French Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
  • English Muffin French Toast: The Kitchn 

... and theres at least a couple of super easy kitchen tips. So check out today's InkStain'D to see what might be there for you.

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