Monday, April 16, 2012

InkStain'D: Read All About's not too late

Well, life happened and I didn't get this post out there in a timely fashion, but this weekend's InkStain'D is timeless, and features a great story that has been out there for a while - I must have been under a rock or something. But with an amazing scholarship fund to a kid living in East L.A., now this kid is going places. Read about Caine and his cardboard arcade. If Caine can do it at just 9 years old, I'd like to suggest that just about any of us can rise above our own challenges. This issue includes posts:
  • Ninjabetic - Shall I Freestyle? 
  • Blue Heel Society - Day 14... My Dream Day 
  • Diabetic Aviator - My Life as a Pancreas
  • Victoria Cumbow - But wait, I have questions
  • Toucan Scraps - Life Savers
  • Keep Your Garden Pest Free with these Natural Pesticides, made with ingredients already in your pantry
  • How to make perfect French Fries (Ed. note: a guilty pleasure!)
Click here to read all about it.

Accessible InkStain'D

Also, for those of you who stumble on this blog who use a screen reader, the paper is largely accessible, and a link is included to an accessible page for the videos shared (also at the top of this page, link for Accessible InkStain'D.

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