Thursday, April 19, 2012

InkStain'D: Thursday, April 19th

Well, after this post it's tax time in the Flying Furball / InkStain'D household, so this is the Official Pre-Tax Edition of InkStain'D (hopefully I will be finished in time to publish the next InkStain'D on Sunday). Once again though you'll find lots of great blog posts and articles, including:

  • Feature article - Gordon Lightfoot - Jian Ghomeshi interviews Canada's venerable Gordon Lightfoot (love Gord!) 
  • Child with Diabetes finds Hope with four-legged friend
  • Good Things Come from Bad Situations - My Diabetic Heart 
  • Does It Really Exist? - Strangely Diabetic
  • Gassing Up - Six Until Me 
  • Support for What? Musings of a Rebel Without a Topic - T Minus Two
  • Secret World of Blog Advertising - Art of Doing Nothing

The Accessible InkStain'D is also available (check out link at InkStain'D or at top of this page).

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