Saturday, April 21, 2012

InkStain'D is Out: April 21st

This InkStain'D is coming out a day earlier than usual. You may say, when does InkStain'D publish anyway? Fair enough. However, what the heck, it's out and that's cool, right? So now you have the rest of the weekend, and beyond, to enjoy this Special Early Edition of InkStain'D.

As usual, some great blog posts! Check out the video that was uploaded as part of the You Can Do This Project, featuring some of our Diabetes Online Community T1 folk who were diagnosed as adults (as was this InkStain'D publisher at age 28). It always surprises me when people - especially medical professionals (the most recent being my rheumatologist) - who say to me, "That was awfully late to be diagnosed!". Um, not really, but that's okay, now you know.

Anyway, enjoy and see you again in a few days.

Some of the findings in this edition are:

  • Sorting Out a Tangle - Living Vertical
  • Now What? - Life After Dx - Diabetes Uncensored
  • Group Effort - A Consequence of Hypoglycemia (which has that video that I mentioned earlier)
  • Watch What You Say - LADA Life
  • Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

And other great bits and pieces. If you have difficulty accessing the videos posted, Accessible InkStain'D is also available (check out link at InkStain'D or at top of this page).

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