Monday, April 9, 2012

InkStain'D: Monday, April 9th

Today's InkStain'D features many bloggers from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), including:
  • My Life with Type 2 Diabetes - We All Talk to Ourselves, Right? (HAWMC, Day 8) 
  • The Diabetic's Corner Booth - Skittles on a Plane 
  • Victoria Cumbow - A new, real-life friend 
  • Texting My Pancreas - Failing 
  • T Minus Two - Many Kinds of Delicious
  • Bittersweet - Keep Calm (HAWMC, Day 9); and
  • what to do with that leftover, yet awesome looking Magic Mouse Container Terrarium
Click here to read all about it.

Accessible InkStain'D

Also, for those of you who stumble on this blog who use a screen reader, the paper is largely accessible, and a link is included to an accessible page for the videos shared (also at the top of this page, link for Accessible InkStain'D.

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