Friday, March 7, 2008

What Are The Teachers Teaching?

I am still under the weather, but doing my best to do the right thing to keep our Furballs alive... so here we go...

Apparently stupidity is running rampant in the schools. I don't know where this letter originated, but I've seen enough to believe it could have come from anywhere. And we wonder why our kids seem to show a lack of respect for teachers?

Now, I've always taught Steph not to take crap from teachers. I didn't use the word "crap", but you get my drift. I have taught her that if she feels that she has some kind of issue, or point, that she can always respectfully challenge the teacher.

Now, granted, none of us here were privy to what actually happened in that classroom, and perhaps some attitude was there when that child challenged the teacher, however, there needs to be some regard for his own inappropriateness.

What did that teacher really teach those children, and especially that child? That it's really best to accept this bull than to protest it? Truly is the case, "Thou dost protest too much?"

That's just my thought for the day. Now, back to my sick bed.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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