Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's March Madness Out There!

It's March, right? March 8th to be exact. Now for anyone who's counting, there's only 12 days of winter left.

The clocks get changed back to Daylight Savings Time tonight... that's the first sign of Spring, isn't it? I get to lose an hour's sleep, but it means Spring is here. Right?

Hell hath no fury like Winter 2007/08 in Ontario, which for those of you visiting my little blog in this little bit of Canada, it started officially with the first dump in mid-November. And it seems that it's been dumping on us ever since. A couple of reprieves, but those are quickly forgotten as we dig out from the latest dump.

Apparently Mother Nature's knickers are in a knot because she's got a good case of the frozen sniffles. Nothing like a good slap in the face by wind-whipped snow to remind us that March is the cruellest month.

Yes, I know what I wrote before. And I've been pretty good up until now. Canadians talk a lot about weather, because no matter where we come from, it's what we all have in common.

But now I'm officially whining.

Even Keeta didn't appreciate having to squeeze through the 8 inch opening in the sliding doors to get outside. I don't really know what her problem was - she hasn't had a problem squeezing through a 3 inch opening in a gate to get a dead squirrel last summer... ahh, I remember summer.

Penny wasn't too impressed with having snow up past her hips to do her business, and who could blame her. Without an undercoat like Keeta's, there's not much to protect her pink underbits. I can see some trouble brewing later - I think it might take more than a little encouragement to get her to do her business later.

Rocky and Petey just looked at the snow piled up with some vague kitty interest, no attempt to leave though, as the snowflakes wafted in with the wind, tickling their little twitchy noses. Nope. No kitty outdoor excursions lobbied for today.

And so, tomorrow I get to shovel. I wonder where my Snow Angel is hiding? Probably hiding under a blanket of snow, waiting for the first sign of Spring.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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