Friday, March 28, 2008

Dogs in the 'Hood

The Dog Walkers are finally out. Another Sure Sign of Spring. Larry goes out every morning, early. Apparently that's not a favourite walking time for Dog Walkers in the winter. But he informed me today that they're back, and out and about. A good and sure sign of Spring.

Even through the winter, though, there are dogs on the inside wanting out. Dogs in the neighbourhood:
  • Ellie and Storm - Storm is the older quiet Lady of the 'Hood. Sometimes though, a little crabby attitude seems necessary. Her newest family member, Ellie, is a very young, adventurous, but very sweet doberman. I think Storm demands that Ellie is just so.
  • Ivan and Igor - Ivan and Igor are always yelled at by their owner, in a heavy Russian accent, "IVAN... IGOR..." (I must say, not the first names that come to mind for Miniature Schnauzers). They always ignore him... as if to say, "Yes, those are our names... whatever". But Keeta would like to show them "what for" with much bravado
  • Jack and Jerk - First off, Jerk isn't Jerk's real name, but it sounds so good. Her name is actually Jinx, and is the willing companion to Jack. Jack is a little terrier with a nasty disposition. We met Jack first when he attacked one of our previous guide dogs, Dylan, who had to go work for someone else because of the attack. Keeta feels that she had to defend Dylan, and has forever since, REALLY hates Jack.
  • Albert - Albert's owner walks through the green space behind our house every Sunday morning. We hear, "Albert ... Albert ... Albert". Apparently either Albert is deaf, or at least conveniently deaf. Keeta gives Albert a piece of her mind every time he goes by.
  • Car Starter Dog - His bark sounds just like a car starter gone bad. Keeta doesn't really have much of an opinion about Car Starter Dog. We just think his bark is too funny.
  • Yard Dog - She's the big Rotty who is always in the backyard, I think really wants to play, but can't get out, and has a big scary bark. Keeta doesn't concern herself much with Yard Dog. Yard Dog is just always been there.
  • Window Dog - Actually, Window Dog has now moved away, but we loved Window Dog. She was always inside, and lived a couple of houses away from Yard Dog. Yard Dog would alert her that a "Dog Is Coming", and she would wait for us, and then run from one window to the next, and back again, thumping against the wall and glass, just trying to ... well... I don't know what, but she was very excited.
And today there was Fella. Larry and Keeta met up with Fella, a new dog to the neighbourhood roster of dogs. This is the story as described by Larry:

One who made me laugh is a little guy named Fella. Like Penny, Fella likes to bark bark bark at the top of his little lungs whenever he sees another dog. What really made me laugh though is Fella's mummy, a lady who sounded as though she left her younger years behind sometime back. With every bark, Fella's mummy responded by speaking his name with ever-increasing alarm.

So we heard: Fella, Fella. Fella? Fella! FELLA! With every utterance of his name sound, Fella barked louder and with more enthusiasm as though to say, "I know what you want and I'm barking just as loud loud loud as I can!"

By the way, Keeta ignored him as not worthy of even a second glance.

And now you know the Dogs in the 'Hood. I expect we'll have more Dogs in the 'Hood stories as the Spring and Summer comes upon us.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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