Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sure Signs Of Spring

As I was driving home through a snow squall this evening, it occurred to me that Spring must MUST be on the way. I'm sure of it, and there are signs. So I've just compiled my own list of the Sure Signs Of Spring.

Sign #1

Keeta has been playing Director General in the dog run. With Spring comes the Green Space Walkers and their Trusted Dogs who walk through the green space behind our house. Keeta demands that they pay her proper attention, and will stand her post, just waiting for them to come by so she can comment in her Big Dog Voice.

Sign #2

Penny has found her little patches of warm sunlight. In the long winter months, the sun has been so weak, that she would just curl up in her nest of blankets. But she's now stretching out in her favourite sunlight patches - one in the family room and one in the living room. She's also been staying out in the dog run longer than she used to. She doesn't have the great big undercoat that Keeta sports, and she hasn't been staying out for long this cold winter. Poor Keeta just doesn't understand why she can't be her Ensign to her own Director General. She doesn't understand that Penny's pink underbelly must just cringe in the snow.

Sign #3

Rocky is insisting he HAS to go out. He has been an indoor cat for the better part of 2 years now, but every Spring, he starts to plan his escape. Last weekend he managed to pop out twice. He stopped in his tracks once outside the first time, like he didn't know what to do with this newfound freedom, however, that made him really easy to catch. The second time, he paused and then started to run, but I scooped him before he could get far (good thing, because he's a fast one!)

Sign #4

Petey has always been an indoor cat, but even he is saying that he HAS to go out too. He begs, meowing in his most pitiful pleading voice, please PLEASE can he go out, as he stretches his long body trying to reach the door handle, as if to show me what he wants. If only he had an opposable thumb and some fingers. Last summer I used to take him out on leash at night. He's a most perfect leash walker, even better than the dogs. But whenever a car goes by, he becomes absolutely panicked and must get back as fast as his little paws can take him, with me running a distant second to him.


So Spring is definitely coming. Really.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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