Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seeing & Believing

Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world.

~Arthur Schopenhauer~

Follow your dreams and ditch your perceptions.
~Jamie Naessens~

The guy in this video can paint. And he's pretty good, I think. He's been blind for years.

By now you've probably made some assumptions, like "he probably sucks". I'd like to submit he can "see" in a way that many can't.

I'm betting that at least more than one friend thought, "This too shall pass". I'm also betting that many people may have politely shrugged their shoulders when he told them that he was going to paint.

And there's this blind guy, Larry, sitting right beside me as I write this, who will often remind me that a shrug is as good as a wink to a blind horse. (Okay, I know the expression is really a "nod", not a "shrug", but allow me some creative license here!)

So my advice of the day is, just try it - whatever it is - and you might surprise yourself.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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  1. There is a lecture this week at Dunlop Observatory by a psychologist about a blind Russian painter. You are right, nothing is impossible.