Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here We Go Again

I know I've been letting my fans down - I have approximately 6 fans after all, and I virtually disappeared without a trace! I'm back now though, although maybe with not the same frequency until I can get life under control.

There's been a lot on the go here, and if you are one of those who look forward to my posts, please accept my apologies. And if you are seeing me here for the first time, I'm sure it isn't a problem at all.

At the moment, Penny is sick again, and it's probably the pancreatitis acting up again. Last week while walking, she deaked out to the side, and we heard the ominous 'crunch crunch'. Just a couple, and the first thing I did was reach down her throat to retrieve whatever crunched. To no avail.

So the waiting game began, and she did pretty good until yesterday, when we had to take her off all food - but she's drinking. But not doing well. She's still struggling through it so far, without needing to go to the Doggie ER, but she's a sad puppy and we're sad owners. And tomorrow we're off to our vet.

And it seems that no one around here can stay healthy either.

As you may know from some of my other posts, I have Type 1 diabetes, and now Larry has been struggling with his own recent diagnosis of Type 2. You know I thought I knew all I needed to know about this - after all I've been dealing the better part of 20 years. And now that I've recently started using an insulin pump, I've had greater control and flexibility.

But I've discovered that I don't know as much as I thought. Type 2 is similar, but it is indeed quite different in how it behaves, both in the body and in diet restrictions. Who knew!

There's an irony here... somewhere, and I think in more ways than one. But I'm not looking too hard. When I find it, I'll certainly share.

Contributed by Jamie Naessens

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