Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Collector

My name is Jamie, and I am a collector of diabetes artifacts. 

I have a Diabetes Museum, not in a formal display case or anything, but spread through the house. I do have a dresser of sorts in my dining room, masquerading as a normal piece of furniture, but it's stuffed with D things. I have a big plastic bin lurking, in the music room closet (that sounds pretentious, I realize, but really it is a very humble recording studio for Larry). And I have stuff stashed underneath the vanities in both bathrooms. 

I have old meters, lancets, cartridges and reservoirs, just in case. I even have an old meter dating back to 1988 (it still works on its original battery!). 

I have old pokers, and years and years of supply of lancets that will last long after I'm gone. 

I have an old pump, long out of warranty, and a few old supplies for said pump. 

It's like chronic illness. It's always there. My life has hung on these artifacts (well, except for lancets, but that's another story for another time)

These things have given me the information I needed to make life decisions about whether to eat, or if I needed more insulin. I have probably spent hours, days or longer considering my next steps based on these things. 

I can't part with these now worthless items. Because they represent a time and place in my life. They are - like it or not - a piece of me that I'm not ready to let go, and may never be.

... except for the lancets. I think I'm ready to part company with my lancets. Yes, that's what I'm going to do. Baby steps.

In the meantime, I am still a collector of diabetes artifacts, and my name is Jamie.

We can take baby steps to make a difference. We can do it many ways, including supporting, or even participating in the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes

Just like we sometimes need to take first steps to let go of things we hold dear, we can also make the choice to participate, support a family member, or any one of our T1D friends who are also making a choice to support the JDRF. No matter where you live, the JDRF is working to support you, or those you love and care for who live with diabetes. Look up your DRF chapter and find out what they are doing, to make living life with diabetes just a bit better for all of us. 

This Walk raises critical funds for research focused on curing, treating and better preventing Diabetes. I am all about that! 

And is it a fit? I'll let you figure that part out, and I'll just continue writing, and hope what I share with you here gives you something to reflect on. 

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  1. Your early teachers would be proud! Interesting and well written. Always look forward to the next one. M