Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rising from the Ashes

Closely related to yesterday's post about dealing with emotional crises related to dealing with diabetes, either real or imagined, today I am examining what helps me get through the day. Not just any day, but a hard diabetes day. But there's a little more I can share.

Diabetes is hard, and sometimes it is frustrating and stupid. One is supposed to look for patterns and trends in the midst of chaos. One way I deal is by trolling the social media feeds - a world filled with pretty Pinterest quotes and Twitter cranky cat memes. It works for me because it gives me hope for a reset and it's a moment to forget. I reset. I can start over again.

But sometimes it helps to put it in my own words. What better way to do it is a Mirror Mantra. Check out Mike Lawson's wonderful initiative - it's a great way to remind ourselves of stuff we should remember). But here I've decided to share my own.

Tomorrow is another day :)
It's like a new day rising out of the ashes of the old. Rather dramatic, but I think it works well. For certainly diabetes inspires a certain kind of flair worthy of such drama  :)

This is my submission for Mantras and More - #DBlogWeek Day 4. And seriously, I believe that without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. 

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