Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is peanut butter the new apple cider vinegar?

I am always on the prowl for a good tip. Last week, as I was donning my plumbers hat and took on a stubborn toilet clog (um, despite one young lady's promise, this home remedy did not work for me). However, there are amazing homegrown tips out there. 

A few years ago, it was all about apple cider vinegar, and unlike the promise to unclog my toilet, it does work. A couple of months ago, when I was suffering from the plague (not really the plague, but I'm sure that's what it felt like), and despite the grossness of the taste, after gargling with the stuff, it really did help me feel better.

Today's find was learning how else peanut butter might be used, other than making a most awesome PBJ sandwich or Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cups (and these only have 10 carbs per serving... bonus!).

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Before you move on, because you are a hater of peanut butter or something, please stick with me for a moment.

I make no promises as to whether these peanut buttery tips work, but just when I thought I heard everything, there was a bit of randomness at the end of this video that make me sit up and take notice.

Be sure to stick it through to the end... you might be surprised at what you might find too.

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Who knew that peanut butter did so much?! It can reduce the smell of cooking fish (nothing like the smell of lingering old fish from 3 days ago! yuck!) ... or shaving, "My, that's an interesting cologne you're wearing".

But, did you catch the claim at the end? Women who eat peanut butter 5 times a week are less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Really? Could this be true? I do believe that there is some (a lot) of truth in preventative medicine through better nutrition, so I will suspend my skepticism for a few moments.

I set to finding out if they were just joshing with me. I did find a study documented at JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) in 2002. So there could be something to this. I'm a little skeptical of such findings (like, I wonder who commissioned this study? The Peanut Butter Institute (Ed Note: I made that up) perhaps?... but maybe some of our better researchers out there might be able to find out).

Regardless of how comprehensive this study was, and it could contain quite valid conclusions for all I know, but surely, what could it hurt.

Granted, many of you reading this blog may likely already have diabetes, so you might be just shrugging your shoulders, like, so what? Nonetheless, I think it's a pretty cool tip too.

So to all our womenfolk out there concerned about reducing the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes, get your peanut butter on!


  1. I LOVE peanut butter. Next time someone finds me stuffing my face with some PB, I'm going to say that I'm just fighting to use the very tiny amount of insulin my body is producing. "Jamie said it'll work."


  2. I'm sure everyone WILL be impressed by that! ;)

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