Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are you Somebody?

If someone needs help, all they need to do is ask, and people will be there to help.

Somebody Else is there. Somebody is always there.

Any time, night or day.

Somebody Else is helping Someone all the time. Nobody Else needs to be there. Nobody knows that Somebody Else is helping.

But if, one day, what if Somebody cried out for help. What if Nobody heard?


What if Nobody realized that Somebody Else needed help? Nobody knew that Somebody could need help. What if Nobody heard?

Consider for a moment, what if Somebody was no longer there... because Nobody heard Somebody Else's cries for help. What if Somebody went Someplace Else for help. What if Somebody just gave up?

What if...

If Nobody hears the cries, who will be there for them.

So listen for the cries of Somebody Else. Nobody may be hearing the cries.

Somebody Else just may slip away unnoticed.

Don't ask what Nobody asks, "Where did Somebody Else go?"

So be there for Somebody Else. One day we may need Somebody Else to be there for us.

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