Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pumped... about the technology

InkStain'D is out in all it's Sunday glory. You'll read all kinds of good stuff here, including a review of the iBGStar by Valerie Anne of Diabetically Yours (my newest blogger discovery - and what a treasure she is!) Did I mention I'm very pumped about this technology? My local pharmacy is on the case, but I might be downloading the app even before receiving the meter. Did I mention that I'm excited? Right... ok, moving on.

Cool stuff worth reading in the Sunday Edition:

  • Surprise Surprise... - Diabetically Yours
  • Yes I Can Have Chocolate - No More Shots for Shannon
  • May DSMA Carnival: The best of the May Diabetes Blogs
  • May the Fourth Be With You: Happy Blogaversary to SixUntilMe
  • Predetermined Nonsense - A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
  • Junk Food Ban in Ontario Schools: Protest video by students & definitely worth watching
  • Eye implants restore vision in British patients (InkStain'D note: if they can do this, just think what the artificial pancreas will do... tech is just so amazing!) 
  • Often Awesome - a series about living life with ALS: a bittersweet love story
  • Recipe: Homemade Nutty Bars

So please visit InkStain'D and discover what's worth reading.

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