Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Autumn Honesty

Allow me to climb briefly aboard my soapbox to proclaim the official beginning of Fall. No it’s not because the temperature last night dipped to 6C (43F) or because the flowers have given up flowering for another year.

It is because today, for the first time this season, my day was interrupted by somebody ringing our doorbell who claimed, like all his energy pedaling brethren to be bubbling over with the sincere desire to save Jamie and me dollars and more dollars on our energy bill.

Do you experience a similar fall phenomenon at your house? If so, maybe you’d like to join me in wondering about something.

How is it that all of these energy hucksters can save us the same bucketful of money?

Sure, they claim they can. But can they all be as sincere as they claim?

If some of them are truly ready to save us more money then the others, then those others must not be as sincere as they claim. Either that or they are not trying hard enough.

Let’s set the record straight. What they are trying to do is to sell us something. I have no problem with that just as long as the person doing the selling is ringing neither our doorbell nor our phone.

Oh, and one other thing.

When somebody is trying to sell something and I’m on the listening end, do you know what I hate more than anything? I hate it when the seller in question says that he/she has rung my doorbell or phone, not to intentionally intrude on my busy day, but because he/she just wants to save me money.

Really? Ok, good enough. Every one of these door-to-door dealers has my best interest at heart.

Now, having conceded that point, please allow me to offer these door-to-door and phone-to-phone sales folks my own concern, with only their best interest in mind of course.

After having my work interrupted today by the first of many who will offer to perform cost reduction miracles on our energy bill, I especially want to save these energy pedaling guys and gals some real energy.

Please do not expend the energy that it will take to ring our doorbell or our telephone. You may be selling energy nervana and I wish you well, but I’m not buying.

And you know what? I suspect that I am speaking for most of the good people who are reading this. If so, please join me up here on my soapbox. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

Oh, just one small thing, up here on my soapbox, unsolicited sales pitches are not allowed.

Contributed by Larry Naessens

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