Sunday, August 24, 2008

She Deserves the Dough & the Glory

Have you ever heard a song where Elvis Presley and hockey scrapper Marty McSorley are both mentioned in the lyrics? Kathleeen Edwards, a singer/guitarist/song writer from Ottawa writes and sings with no pretense of super stardom, at least none that shows. But she's managed to welcome Marty, Elvis and a few other notables into one of her songs. Finally she's getting some of the attention that she deserves.

Rather than reading my thoughts about her music, check out a video of the song, I Get The Dough, You Get the Glory.

While you're there, check out a few more of her songs. I freely admit that not a lot of today's artists catch my attention. With too many, for me it's a case of been there and heard better. But Kathleeen has my attention. See if you agree.

Contributed by Larry Naessens

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