Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes,

I hate you.



PS: Diabetes, your days are numbered.
We are going to find a cure and
kick your sorry behind right out of here!

(N.B. It took 6 weeks to receive this letter after my endocrinologist submitted the report to the Ministry. Once a 'satisfactory medical report' is submitted again, it will take another 6 weeks to be assessed.)


  1. Jeeeze!!!! This really sucks!! What the heck are you going to do, sweetie??

  2. Yeah, it really does, especially in a town with no public transit. Not exactly sure except to continue to rely on neighbours and my daughter without annoying them too much.

    I tried calling the MTO to find out what a "satisfactory medical report" meant, but I couldn't wait the "more than 30 minutes" on hold. Yep. They really suck.

    Emailed my CDE, who contacted the endo about that report, and she says it comes from the MTO and should have provided me with the conditions. So I'm barking up a dead tree as it were. Will be calling MTO when I have more than 30 minutes to spare!